Seminar with Christina Stacey: Kiefer, Sprouted Grains, Fermented Veggies.

Your are invited to attend an informal seminar,Tuesday, February 10th, 7:00pm at the Dynamis Health Centre 95 Torbay Road. An attendance fee of $10.00 per person will apply.

The topics of discussion will include:

– Kefir Water. A delicious, probiotic rich and dairy free beverage your whole family will enjoy. A demonstration on how to make Kefir Water will form part of the discussion.

– Soaking and Sprouting Grains, Nuts and Seeds. The process of germination changes the composition of nuts and seeds in numerous beneficial ways. Sprouting increases Vitamin B content, especially B2, B5 and B6, Vitamin C and neutralizes phytic acid which inhibits the absorption of vital minerals, just to name a few.

– The benefits of fermented vegetables. A discussion around fermentation and how to introduce this practise in your own home. A demonstration on how to make sauerkraut will form part of the discussions.

Maintenance of a healthy digestive environment is supportive to our immune system. Ensuring the ideal ‘balance’ of naturally occurring bacteria within our digestive system will help towards this goal.

Kindly respond to this email by noon,, Friday February 6 if you wish to attend.

Thank you for your interest.


Christina Stacey

Dynamic Health Counsellor

Dynamic Health Centre.

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