Video Series Starting Feb. 2nd!

Dynamis Health Centre will be showing a 9-part video series called “The Truth about Cancer” Each session is approximately 1 hour. This series has invaluable information not only about cancer treatment, but also about prevention. Medical doctors and researchers, naturopths and other therapists, as well as medical clinics from around the world, all with great success in treating cancer have been interviewed. Among other things you will learn about hyperbaric treatment, Gerson Therapy, Dr. Burzinsky’s anti-neoplaston treatment, supplements, herbs and micronutrients, essential oils, detoxification and light therapy.

Even if someone has chosen to follow traditional treatment of surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, there is excellent information on what they can do to make the process easier and prevent recurrence of cancer. There is valuable information for everyone, not just cancer patients.

If you or someone you know might be seeing this series, it will be showing at 95 Torbay Rd. weekly for 9 weeks Starting Feb.2nd at 7:30 P.M. The viewings are free as part of our education mandate at Dynamis Health Centre.


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