Staying Healthy in the Winter Months

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, it’s important to adjust our regimen to stay healthy in the winter months.

Here are some simple tips:

1) Take cod liver oil or vitamin D. With a considerable lack of sunlight, it is essential to supplement our intake of vitamin D to help maintain proper functioning of our immune systems.

2) Take extra steps to maintain good lymphatic health. One of the best defences against “cold” and “flu” symptoms is to keep the lymphatic system moving.

3) Make an extra effort to eat living foods. With a relative shortage of fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouting and fermenting our food is especially important.

4) While these are just examples, the most critical thing is to remember that we can take steps to maintain good health during the winter months. Colds and flus do not just happen to us. Our susceptibility is a determining factor.