FIR Sauna Guidelines

Please remember to bring: two LARGE TOWELS, plenty of WATER and a relaxing CD. You may also wish to bring a snack such as a piece of fruit or nuts for after your session.

We recommend that you use one towel to sit on in the sauna and the other to dry yourself after exiting the sauna. Since toxins are released through your sweat, it is highly recommended that you shower as soon as possible after leaving the clinic. Dry brushing or exfoliating is always a good practice, especially when releasing an increased toxic load through your sweat and skin.

It is of critical importance that you restore fluids with plenty of water after a session. Please bring a water bottle with you to the clinic and rehydrate yourself immediately after the session. We ask that you please refrain from bringing any food or drink into the sauna. If you need to refuel during the session, feel free to take a replenishing break outside the sauna in the private space provided.