As stated on the Nutrition page “when you understand nutrition dynamically, you realize that the quality of food is more important than the quantity of nutrients. The science behind fractionated vitamins is based on the premise that if the body is lacking a certain nutrient, then you just need to pump it with more. This method is limited because it does not take into consideration the body’s ability to assimilate the nutrients provided. Nature has a way of delivering nutrients packaged in combinations that make them easier to assimilate, which is why it’s important to find our nutrients in local, organic foods. Food is more than the sum of its parts.”

The above statement is why, at Dynamis, we wanted to provide recipes for everyone to share. All ingredients should be organic and local, if able. Use non-roasted, non-salted organic nuts as well. Following these simple steps allows you to provide healthy, nutritious food to you and your family. All recipes are wheat/gluten/soy/dairy free.