Heilkunst Homeopathy

Heilkunst (literally the art of making whole) is a complete remedial system developed by  German Physician, Samuel Hahnemann, over 200 years ago. Hahnemann is also heralded for discovering homeopathy, the use of potentized (diluted and shaken) remedies that cause certain symptoms in healthy individuals to treat patients who already exhibit similar symptoms. Hahnemann developed homeopathy to treat particular symptoms as they arise uniquely in different individuals. He recognized that the same disease could afflict people in different ways and administered remedies accordingly, to treat the particular symptoms that arose. This capacity was an underdeveloped area of medicine at the time and the development of homeopathy allowed Hahnemann to remedy a number of diseases that were previously considered untreatable.

During the later part of his career, however, Hahnemann recognized the limitations of homeopathy and felt the imperative to also treat the underlying chronic diseases contributing to someone’s poor health. He realized that the only way to affect true cure is to treat the diseases giving rise to the symptoms, not just the symptoms themselves.

Understood dynamically, and in its entirety, Heilkunst has the capacity to treat the underlying diseases giving rise to various symptoms as well as the symptoms themselves. It involves the application of principled medicine, principled regimen, and principled therapeutic education. Since it is essentially a system of principles, it can grow and develop alongside various advances in health care, providing the resources to navigate an otherwise lawless field.

What to Expect

Heilkunst treatment varies among practitioners, but there are some features that you can expect: the systematic treatment of various shocks and traumas that are impinging on your life force and preventing vibrant health; the remediation of inherited predispositions giving rise to your current condition or lying latent, poised to arise when your defenses are down; constitutional and emotional support; therapeutic education; and principled regimen guidelines. Most important is the Heilkunstler’s recognition of the appropriate jurisdictions. The capacity to recognize whether your health concerns are the result of poor diet or an inherited disease, for example, is essential to effectively treating them.