Calcarea Carbonica

Calcs prefer a slow, protected, tranquil life to a challenging, striving, competitive one. Rooted primarily in the physical body, Calcs are often associated with children and growth and indeed many Calcs retain a certain childlike innocence. Rooted quite a
ways away from the intellect, Calcs have a tendency to become muddled in their thoughts. They often get mired in the details and focus on minutia rather than striving to complete the big picture. To other constitutions, this is typically experienced as procrastination. But,
while Calcs might be slow to start and struggle with inertia, once they are ignited, they do not want to stop. They are like this in social settings as well. I remember attending a party with a Calc, who took the entire evening to warm up to the company and start to enjoy himself, and once he did, everyone else was ready to leave and he didn’t want to! In essence, Calcs resist change. They feel deeply and impressions are lasting for them. This is characterized by Calcs’ affinity for the homestead. They like the company of those most familiar to them and have a great capacity for deepening existing relationships and prefer doing this to forming new ones.

In a state of stress, Calcs’ reluctance to change is often expressed as a resignation or defeatism. But in health, Calcs can carry the security and familiarity of home with them and extend out into the world to experience new things. Indeed, oysters live in their shells and travel everywhere in it.

This capacity allows the Calc constitution, in a state of health, to venture out and take new steps. Since they are easily impressed, it doesn’t take much exposure for them to be informed by new experiences. So long as they are allowed to move at their own pace, they stand to do well in becoming sovereign selves. And in health, they are sufficiently grounded in themselves such that they do not feel vulnerable when out of their comfort zone, but rather bring their comfort with them and it extends to all who have the pleasure of meeting these warm, loyal, individuals. I have the pleasure of knowing a very healthy Calc who, upon retirement, bought an RV and took the comfort of home with him to explore the continent. A beautiful picture of a healthy Calc!