Phosphorous is ever effervescent, a luminescent light, but one that does not generate warmth. Despite their outgoingness and facility in social situations, there is always something cool about Phosphorouses’ engagement. Phosphorous is reflected light. It is the moon to someone else’s sun. Very much interested in relating with others and bringing others into relationship with each other, one of Phosphorouses’ greatest challenges is to set boundaries and separate their own feelings from those of other’s. They are very attentive and reactive listeners and while they genuinely and freely tend to others, they also expect and often demand special attention, to which they feel wholly entitled. They can easily draw others into the orbit of their interests. Whether or not they are self absorbed is hard to say: since the lines between their own interests and those of others are often blurred. In any case, it IS the case that Phosphorouses are usually engaged in whatever present involvement they are engaging in, which can be a myriad of things. They tend to be a quick learners with many talents and enter new arenas with ease. The capacity to be a jack of all trades sometimes makes it difficult for Phosphorouses to finish a task that they started. This reluctance is for reasons different than those of a Siliceas however. It is not the fear of completion or preference for the journey over the destination; rather, it is the fixation in something else new and exciting. Where they learn quickly without needing to apply themselves too industriously, arduous, time consuming tasks are a real challenge for them. Phosphorouses are quite intuitive and often have a “sixth sense.” This bodes well for them in areas of their own vocation, but sometimes Phosphorouses can be led astray by surface appearances in an unknown area. Moreover, as a shining light onto others, Phosphorouses also have a tendency to become starry eyed and see what they want to see rather than what is actually there, especially in their romantic partners.

When unbalanced, it is very difficult for Phosphorous to stay grounded. Easily distracted by new pursuits or new interpretations of things, or new people, Phosphorouses’ over active imagination allows them to get carried away and fly off into the stratosphere. Their seemingly endless energy makes the frenetic orbit surrounding their chaotic lives seem like it will never end. Onlookers almost wish that they would hit rock bottom; at least that would be some sort of indication that they might become grounded again. But Phosphorouses are very resilient and recover quickly.

In a state of health, Phosphorouses’ capacity to shine light on others and illuminate what they want to see is perhaps their greatest strength. With a well defined sense of self, they can still empathize with others and participate other people without losing their own bearings. Their incredible love and propensity for engaging their creative imaginations, allows them to uplift people and situations and extract the kernel of truth that they need for the development of their selves. Their engagement in others and corresponding attention to themselves, when expressed through a self that has clearly defined boundaries, allows them to engage and disengage with others as appropriate.