Sweet, gentle, affectionate and yielding, Pulsatillas are typically warm and easy company. The plants from which this remedy is derived are never found as individuals, reflecting this constitution’s propensity for relationality. This may pose a particular challenge for this constitution’s capacity to develop a sense of self. But I feel that it is distinct from Phosphorouses’ challenge. Phosphorouses actually have an issue discerning what is self and what is not self, whereas I suspect that Pulsatillas know (albeit the fact that it takes them a while to decide) and simply do not want to compromise relationships in
asserting themselves. When Pulsatillas are prioritizing relationships at all costs, self sacrifice is inevitable. But when they are firmly rooted in themselves, they have a great capacity to preserve their self interests all the while maintaining their relationships. And the capacity to engage with others fully without compromising either party is the picture of health: when sovereign individuals relate as sovereigns there is no need to sever ties. Malleability is their core feature. They are flexible in their thoughts, desires, relationships, everything. And their capacity to fit into myriad contexts makes it difficult for them to decide on a fixed path, but once they do, they are ultimately fulfilled. Despite their characteristic indecisiveness, Pulsatillas can foster longevity in their relationships and pursuits. Far from the intellect, they are grounded primarily in their gemut and enjoy using this organ to navigate through life. This orientation is an asset in the goal of tapping into their desire function, and if they can muster the requisite sense of self to follow it without compromising for the sake of their relationships, they will enjoy a healthy and sovereign life. Their resilience and capacity to traverse through difficult and trying times gives them the requisite skills they need to ultimately attain this goal.