Siliceas are slow to change, internally oriented, and often seek purpose and meaning in their lives. They are typically most content when engaged in their own modest interests and prefer spending their time and energy doing their own thing rather than earning credentials or rising through the ranks. In fact, they often underestimate their abilities despite the fact that their conscientiousness leads to impressive results. Silicea tends to avoid conflict; in an extreme form, Siliceas are so adverse to confrontation that they would rather be considered wrong than take the time to prove themselves correct. They are characteristically invisible. That said, they are nevertheless very firm and unyielding on matters of principle. Siliceas are very tolerant of other people’s opinions and interests; they are always prepared to grant the intrinsic value of an idea and still dismiss it, humbly, claiming that it is just not for them. They also tend to be quite critical: of other people and ideas, but ultimately of themselves. Their attention to their own pursuits and reluctance to encounter conflict with others contributes to the general coolness associated with this genotype.

In a weakened, compromised state, Siliceas are overly sensitive and avoid interaction with others. Because Silicea are so conscientiousness and reluctant to create waves, they tend to become reclusive in a desperate attempt at self preservation. When stressed, Siliceas need to be alone to recuperate. Otherwise, they won’t yield or bend or
change shape: they will break. Indeed, Siliceas are reknowned for knowing their limits and conserving their resources by withdrawing from others, but if they become completely compromised, their recuperation is a difficult and slow going task.

In a state of health, however, Siliceas’ unyielding interest in their own course bodes well for attaining sovereignty. When they are balanced, they are not burdened by the fear of hurting others and do not need to become a hermit in order to stand by their convictions. When sufficiently grounded in their lower bodies, Siliceas are not overly sensitive nor do they shy away from conflict. This comfort allows them to engage more fully with others and allow other voices to inform their thinking. They are then well poised to slowly integrate new material and increase their level of associations and ultimately their health. Conscientiousness and principled, their life’s work is destined to be done with integrity. Their need to digest everything and make it their own and their capacity to dismiss what doesn’t serve them grants them the resources to do their own thing, walk their own paths, and respect the autonomy of others.