Sulphurs are extremely adept at bringing things to the surface! This constitution is very warm and when the heat becomes too intense, they seek an outburst, often forgetting their anger the minute after it is expressed and remaining completely unresponsive to the fact that it left most others who witnessed it completely shell shocked. They are very emotional rather than sensitive. Sulphurs are not easily offended and if they are, they will have an outburst and then forget about it. Sulphurs tend to be argumentative and enjoy engaging with others to discuss ideas. Sulphurs tend to extremes. They are quite brilliant and love the chance to provide philosophical rationalization for the simplest of their actions. Given the opportunity, they love explaining everything that they know, like a volcano, the lava just erupts out of them in anger and in discussion. While it is a bit much for some, it is impossible to deny this constitution’s generative capacity. Indeed, most of the world’s geniuses and inventors have a strong Sulphur component. While they may be seen as lazy, their reluctance to engage in laborious tasks is often met with an invention or novel idea of doing it more efficiently (again, like lava, it just wants to fastest route out). Surely it was not just Thomas Edison’s laziness that made him well poised to invent the light bulb! It may have played a role, but it was ultimately his ingenuity and capacity to engage with his genial power. Ultimately, when Sulphurs have sufficient spherical forces and a strong sense of self, their eruptions become less necessary and they can harness their rage and genius productively, towards their love, work, and knowledge. When they accomplish this, these well springs govern their lives and they and all those around them are the better for it.