Arsenicums strive tirelessly for perfection. They are controlling and conscientious and have incredible attention to detail. Indicative of the fact that Arsenicums’ wills are not wholly engaged in their work, they have difficulty sleeping when they are preoccupied with projects. In essence, they cannot engage in the full four beat cycle and end in relaxation. Instead they perpetually dance between tension – charge – tension -charge, with only occasional moments of discharge and never, ever, relaxation. In fact, on vacation or during periods of imposed rest, various symptoms often creep up for those afflicted with this disease state, indicative of the fact that the frenetic activity is functioning to dissipate energy that cannot be channelled into primary drives. And although Arsenicums work to the point of exhaustion, they continue to run on empty. In fact, the energy of Arsenicums are sustained more by high strung intensity than endurance. Ironically, Arsenicums strive for perfect health, even though all attempts that
fall under the influence of this disease are futile. I remember, back in my Arsenicum days, when my naturopath suggested general dietary guidelines for me to follow with the expressed intention of relieving me of my dietary restrictions. And I somehow managed to turn them into the most restrictive, high maintenance diet ever. He remarked that I’d be so much healthier if I had just said screw him and his rules, I’m going to eat what I want! Indeed, Arsenicums are ultimately focused on their own performance and are less competitive and jealous than other phenotypes might be. They prefer other Arsenicum behaviour to sloth and have a hard time being patient with those who do not meet their high standards. Arsenicums are very proud and find it very difficult to see how their unyielding perfectionism is ultimately poisoning them.