The essence of Lachesis is duality, with the two sides
turned on each other in conflict; it is a suppressed anger, turned in against itself and experienced as guilt. On the one hand there is a strong upsurgence and capacity to lash out and on the other there is suppression and self loathing and dutiful behavior that keeps a lid on things. And this ongoing internal battle wreaks havoc on the body, mind, and emotions. The self loathing in Lachesis is often expressed through sharp and caustic comments towards others, that sting like the bushmaster’s strike. This seeming straightforwardness is used to perpetuate an image of honesty, but Lachesis is more capable of deception than any other phenotype. Lachesis knows itself though and
you often hear people inflicted with this disease often agree with the uncomplimentary comments made about themselves. Lachesis often projects its own deceptive, two faced behaviour onto others and is highly suspicious of other’s motives. In recognizing this phenotype it is important to note that this intense energy is not always outwardly
expressed. At times it is almost completely internalized and self-directed. Similarly, the strong sexual undertone of this remedy is not always felt directly. It is often carried as an overwhelming suppression of all sexual impulses.