Natrum Muriaticum

It is not uncommon for most people to slip into this phenotype at one stage in life or another. More than just a passing phase of grief, however, as a phenotype, Natrum Muriaticum appears to be quite fixed and permeates nearly every member of the person carrying this disease. Indeed, in contrast with the other phenotypes, which feel more labile and volatile, this one feels very stuck. For the other side of the profound grief felt by Nat-m is a difficulty letting go. Nat-m is extremely sensitive and holds on to past hurts and resentments indefinitely (or until the disease state is finally stripped away). Nat-m’s orientation is primarily inward and with this comes a vain expectation that people understand her along with the perpetual disappointment that nobody does. Nobody ever understands poor Nat-m. Nat-m feels wronged and while they are not apt to speak up at the moment of injury, will brew on how their family dynamic or  early relationships created their trauma. In all of the time spent revisiting the past hurt, Nat-m has a lot of time to dwell on such things. Nat-m’s energy is very heavy and this phenotype is almost completely incapable of being carefree and having fun. With the difficulty of expressing themselves, Nat-ms often find themselves in situations of unrequited love, which perpetuates the heavy feeling of
grief, failure to let go, and being completely misunderstood.