Nuxs are extremely sensitive, having allergic reactions to various stimuli and seem to have an over active nerve sense system. They are easily aggitated and hyper critical of their surroundings. They are also very touchy and take every possible comment with
offense. They are defensive and often feel misunderstood (which is ironic, since they often twist what others say and mean). They are much quicker to erupt than Arsenicum and although those around them often find themselves walking on eggshells, they often complain about their treatment of them and feel harassed, longing for a retreat. They are very impatient, always in a hurry, and hate to be interrupted. Nuxs tend toward spasms and on an emotional level this manifests itself in terms of short lived outbursts. The discharge is never complete though and they do not feel relief afterward as a relatively healthy Sulphur might. Nuxs’ agitation and irritation is constant. Their sensitivity make them predisposed to feeling the disharmony around them and so they continue to be irked by it. They handle stress by taking on more work and their energy has the same quality as someone who indulged in too much caffine.