Staphysagrias are angry and frustrated and easily flustered. They boil over and have outbursts, which, even when directed at other people feel more like an explosion than a lashing out. I feel that Staph is less caustic than Lachesis and that there is more relief felt after an outburst in Staph than in Lach. Staph is also characterized by a feeling of victimization. It is a suppressed anger, or swallowed injustice that festers inside and agitates and needs release. In contrast with Nat-m, which often dwells on the key players perceived to have caused its injury, Staph is much more apt to use any old target that comes around to express its rage. Road rage, I think, is the epitome of Staph. It has greater capacity for knee-jerk reactions than Nat-m or even Lachesis. And seems to be less funnelled through the intellect than either of these as well.