Understanding Sequential Therapy

The chronology of traumas in a person’s life is important information for a practitioner because it provides a road map for systematically removing the “barriers” that prevent the natural pulsation of an enlivened organism.  An individual’s current state of health is the cumulative result of various emotional and physical shocks and traumas, inherited chronic diseases, primal fears and false beliefs. But these diseases cannot be treated in just any arbitrary order. Dr. Elmiger‘s clinical observations (informed by Hering’s principles of cure dealing with the concept of time) led him to the realization that traumas have to be treated in the reverse chronological order of their occurrence. Otherwise, he warned, there could be an entanglement of energies that could cause unnecessary discomfort. By respecting the sequential order of therapy, Heilkunst practitioners give the organism a chance to free its reserves and tend to the next most pressing issue. Sequential therapy is a thorough, effective technique that is taught within the framework of Hahnemann’s medical system only at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst and Homeopathy.