Live and Layered Blood Analysis

In live blood analysis, a drop of blood is taken from one’s fingertip and then examined under a high-powered darkfield microscope that is attached to a camera. On a screen we are able to view red and white blood cells and other components in the live plasma. This gives the analyst an opportunity to analyze the internal environment of the blood. Since blood is ever changing and in constant flow, a thorough examination can act as an early warning detector. The recipient will receive nutritional guidance and information to help the individual attain optimal health.

In layered blood analysis, eight carefully applied drops of blood are placed onto a slide. As the blood dries on the slide, various toxins spin out. Each of the eight drops corresponds with a more in-depth region of the body. The results amazingly depict current issues that can range from bowel toxicity to arthritic conditions. We therefore can provide valuable information and therapeutic education to the patient so that healing can occur.

After receiving an analysis, one should be enlightened on their current state of health. It is ultimately up to you to take charge of your health. Any information provided is meant as a guideline to steer one into the direction of a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Very little preparation on behalf of the recipient is required. Fasting eight hours prior to a consultation is necessary so that the live sample is not clouded or mistaken with debris that is natural during digestion.

Come with questions and an open mind. You may be surprised with the amount of information shown firsthand on screen.


Live blood analysis creates a window into our internal environment. We can evaluate:

  • current state of health
  • levels of toxicity
  • vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • adrenal stress
  • parasites
  • immune system functioning
  • cell size and shape abnormalities
  • heart stress
  • thyroid issues
  • oxidative stress
  • . . . and more!


Initial Consultation: $100

Follow-up Consultations: $75

Blood Typing: $10

*ask about rates for students

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