Fall Course on Armour, Anger, Health, and Happiness

This fall, we will be offering a course on “Armour, Anger, Health and Happiness” at Dynamis Health Centre.

Course Description: This 8-week course will provide an overview of Wilhelm Reich’s contributions to our understanding of health, sexuality, child-rearing, and political action. Special attention will be paid to his teachings on muscular and character armour: how it develops, the impact that it has on our health and our relationships, and methods for doing away with it when it no longer serves us. Our understanding of muscular and character armour has a direct impact on our involvement in any therapeutic process. This course is recommended for those wanting to assume a more active role in their own remediation and are interested in learning more about the history of dynamic medicine. Each class will consist of a multi-media presentation followed by a question-based discussion and (optional!) take-home exercises.

Week 1: The Therapeutic Problem of Armor
Week 2: Working through the Rage Reaction
Week 3: Giving Voice to our (Inner) Child’s Anger
Week 4: Rage and Sexuality
Week 5: The Limitations of Character
Week 6: The Physicality of Anger
Week 7: The Physiology of Freedom
Week 8: Love, Work, and Knowledge

Dates: Tuesday Evenings; Oct 11-Nov 29, 2011; 8 – 9:30pm

Instructor: Carol-Ann Galego is a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner and fourth year student of Medical Heilkunst. She has studied Reich’s work in both her practical and academic studies. Reich’s words were frequently cited in her Masters Thesis and continues to inform her therapeutic practice. To learn more about her ongoing interest in Reich’s therapeutics, read her article on “The Bowen Technique and the Physiology of Freedom.”
Cost: $120 upfront or $20/class “drop-in” fee 
RSVP: Please email cagalego@gmail.com to register. All inquiries can be directed to Carol-Ann at 770-1738
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