Natural Skincare Seminar










Optimera is new to Canada just available since July, but has been in the US as Nerium AD for 2 years now and Dr. Eddi was introduced to it 6 months ago. What appealed to me and brought me to get involved, was that it is completely chemical free, it is designed by a biotech research company that is healthcare involved and that the reports and results from those using it as well as my own experience with it, is very good.

Skin care does start on the inside with good and clean living choices  as well as a strong sense of self love, care and acceptance .This product for me is about making a choice to use a clean product that will nurture my skin and aid in healing damage that some of my less informed choices in the past may have created:)

If you are interested to learn more about natural skin care, please join us at the clinic for the event!

Susan, Eddi and our visiting Naturopath from Nashville, Leslie .

(See practitioner page for contact information or poster at top of page)

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