Lesley Breen, Live Blood Analyst

Lesley A. Breen is presently completing her clinical portion of the DHHP program from “The Hahnemann College for Heilkunst & Homeopathy”; she has also recently completed her Diploma in Dynamic Philosophy – a “study in the evolution of human consciousness in terms of its meaning and spiritual goals.” Her training in Live and Layered Blood Analysis completed through The Gilead Centre in Ontario, with DMH Roxanne Harris, is where it all began!
For me, the Heilkunst journey has been a journey not only of improved health and wellness, but also one of Consciousness, Love and Freedom. That journey has led me to the amazing gift and privilege of working in Live and Layered Blood Analysis. I love this field of work for many reasons, certainly for becoming more aware of and improving one’s health and wellness, but also for its potential in personal growth and empowerment. Looking into one’s internal ‘world’ for a brief moment in time can be quite a personally enriching and meaningful experience. I feel it’s one place where Science meets Spirit; in Live and Layered Blood Analysis we get to shine a bright light into the ‘deep sea’ within us and take a true look at our beautiful and unique selves that can be seen in the blood.”

Lesley is passionate about working in the field of Wellness; she is always continuing her studies for her own growth in Consciousness, Unconditional Love and Freedom. Lesley also holds a Certificate in Public Administration, Bachelor of Education, and a Master’s of Education; she also completed the Yoga Enlightenment Studies Program (year 1) with Meranda Squires from The Lotus Centre.

You may contact Lesley for an appointment at:

(709) 770-3380 or email: andofcoursefreedom@gmail.com

“Live blood analysis acts as a rational guide to proper treatment of the primary challenges causing disease.” {Ross Anderson, “Win With Live Blood Microscopy”}

“More radiant than the sun, Purer than the snow, Finer than the ether is the Self, the spirit in my heart, this Self am I, I am this Self.” {Rudolf Steiner}